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Brompton Square

Part of the portfolio that we manage includes an attractive double fronted building overlooking Brompton Square in Knightsbridge.

Located immediately opposite Harrods, the building stands in a quiet oasis literally seconds’ walk from the hustle and bustle of Knightsbridge and the Harrods store.

Typical of a London Square, the building overlooks small private gardens in the centre, to which the residents have access.

One of our favourite buildings with an interesting and friendly array of leaseholders. Refurbishment to the exterior was completed in approximately 3 months, with the main challenge being access to the rear where the tight and dense developments around London Streets made access impossible without taking scaffolding up and over the building itself.

HNF Property have recently been involved in a case requiring some detective work in North Surrey.

The case involved a collapsed fence surrounding the car park of the subject and an adjoining property.IMG_2866

On both sides of the fence the parties were denying liability and ownership and it required one of HNF’s surveyors attending site and examining the evidence.

Such disputes are not always easy to resolve.

When examining such situations, you can refer to title deeds and site plans but these are not always helpful.

On site you should be looking to see who has the “fair”, i.e. good, side of the fence and who has the one that shows the construction – the posts, the Arris rails etc.

In essence, the owner of the fence has the back. You should also determine where posts have sat in the past and the line of the fence. Additional assistance can be had by consulting any plans, past photographs, etc.

I am pleased to report that we were able to convince all parties with the evidence that we had found and the matter was quickly and easily resolved without recourse to legal action.

At a block managed by HNF Property in North London, significant structural works on a block immediately adjacent to the railway line will necessitate the removal of shrubs and the erection of scaffolding in such close proximity to a railway line that it will be necessary for work to be undertaken by specialist approved contractors in hours when the line itself and the supplies thereto can be shut down.
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Managing property can extend to involvement in a huge variety of properties and we have recently been instructed to take over the management of a very well-known car wash and café on the A23.

The café has been run successfully by the current owner for the last 25 years during which she has got up at four o’clock in the morning six days a week, finishing at two in the afternoon.

The site is partially let as a car wash on one of the most prominent sites in South London.

Both businesses are successful but while the lease on the café is straightforward, that on the car wash provides a number of challenges as the rent, demise, repairing obligations and provisions for rent review etc are all a little unusual.

We shall be looking into each of these on behalf of our client to secure their long-term pension investment.