“A Property is worth what somebody is willing to pay for it”

Rarely in property has a quote been used so incorrectly as in reality a property is not simply worth what one individual is willing to pay for it but is often of different value to different individuals in different circumstances.

As chartered surveyors we can provide open market and asset values to the guidelines of our Institution, however our knowledge of the market place ensures that we are able to consider various valuation alternatives and possibilities and thus advise banks and building societies, landlords, tenants or owner occupiers what a property may be specifically worth to them as well as what it may be worth to the market in general.

Backed by our extensive agency dealings and knowledge of the market, our valuations truly reflect up to the minute market trends and information in the locality.

Service of value to businesses, banks and property professionals

We can not only assist lending institution in ensuring that their loans are properly secured, but we can also assist landlords and developers by providing valuations against which they can raise additional finance and borrowings. We can further assist owner occupiers by providing asset valuations on buildings against which they can borrow to provide additional cash flow to progress their businesses. We can provide valuations for tenants seeking to become owner occupiers.

Rental valuations as well as capital valuations can be undertaken and these can be used by landlords, tenants and prospective tenants as a basis for their own negotiations or as a means of determining whether or not it is worth obtaining further professional advice or assistance.